A Sustainable Practice



  • We’re promoting active travel to and from our practice
  • We encourage car sharing when it’s possibe

Equipments and Supplies

  • We’re now using social media and emails to communicate with our patients so we use less paper
  • We manage our stock in a way to reduce emissions created by couriers
  • We re-use or recycle iur packaging
  • We encourage biodegradable oral hygiene products where possible such as bamboo toothbrushes
  • We segregate sterile instrument packets that haven’t been contaminated so they can go in the recycling bin
  • We have upgraded our Dental software to eliminate paper case notes

Reducing Chemical Waste

  • We use alternatives to amalgam
  • We use digital radiography equipment to avoid using processing chemicals
  • We have ventilation systems to reduce the inhalation of harmful substances
  • We categorise and segregate our waste


  • We close our windows and doors to conserve energy
  • We turn off all our unused appliances on our lunch break and overnight
  • We are evaluating our equipment and when buying new appliances, we compare energy use

Supporting Local Wildlife

  • We have a garden area where we grow our own apples and rhubarb for our staff
  • We place food for our birds
  • We avoid pesticides
  • We are buying durable equipment that is inspected regularly

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